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Our Value Proposition

Why Us: Over 15 Years in the Business

BENEFIT TO YOU:  We know the marketplace...We know who the best and brightest candidates are in our industry and they know us.  We know how to run a successful search process.  To validate this please feel free to speak to any of our references.  Every client we do business with is a reflection of how we do business.

Why Us:  Our Relationships with Candidates

BENEFIT TO YOU:  We are usually the first person that a candidate calls when they are thinking about a career change.  Throughout our tenure in the industry we have cultivated strong relationships with those that rely on us to better their careers.  We typically are working with our candidates on an exclusive basis.

Why Us:  Strong Qualification Skills

BENEFIT TO YOU Have you ever hired a candidate that turned out to be something they weren't on the interview?  Have you ever wanted to hire a candidate only to find out they couldn't leave for four months?  Have you ever lost a candidate to a counter-offer?  We take great pride in fully understanding our candidates motivation for change.  We hand select those that we know are ready for change.  Because of our network we are able to do deep background checks of those that we choose to represent.

Why Us:  Attention to detail

BENEFIT TO YOUWe view ourselves as an extension of your organization each and every time we pick up the phone to represent your needs.  With that in mind we take the time to really understand not only your need but your organization as well.  We also take the time to get to know your people.  We are firm believers that people will go work for people who are most like them. 

Why Us:  Easy to deal with

BENEFIT TO YOU We realize that there is sometimes a stereotype that recruiters get labeled with.  We do take great pride in separating ourselves from the many competitors by working in a more consultative manner.  Our goal is to really get to know you and your organization by understanding your needs and hiring habits.  Our goal is to focus on quality vs. quantity and take pride in a 3-1 interview to hire ratio.  It is our job to screen the candidates not yours.