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Common Mistakes During Hiring

In our experience we have found that if you are able to avoid these common pitfalls during the interview process that you will have far greater success in attracting top talent.

Common mistakes:

  • Presenting offer without commitment from candidate
  • Candidates have more options, therefore, you have less time.  Be decisive and when you see a strong candidate, go after him or her.
  • Too much time between interview steps...Have a process that is clearly identified and stick to the timelines presented in the process. 
  • Everyone involved in the interview process needs to be delivering the same message. Whether it is about the compensation plan, the territory, the reason why the job is open etc. Everyone needs to be on the same page or it doesn't reflect well on the company and can cause some concern with a prospect.
  • Expectations to candidates...Don't make promises to a candidate what you are unable to deliver during the offer stage (ie. Compensation, benefits, territory/accounts). Its one of the biggest reasons candidates turn down companies. 
  • Let your recruiter make the offer.  We will hear things that may not be picked up by someone else.  We are experienced at doing this often so it is important that you trust us to manage this part of the process.